Our independent advisory board members serve as consultants and experts in their field, providing advice and guidance to the management, leadership and trustees on a variety of issues, including business strategy, industry trends, financial management, welfare, social media and corporate governance. Their role is to review all projects providing  an objective perspective and offer strategic guidance so that agreed milestones and delivery targets are achieved.

Jon Wellman

Chairman of the IAB

Having had a portfolio career that has included the military and developing young persons on overseas expeditions and now as a Social Value Ambassador and Business Mentor, it is a real privilege to support All Sports Coaching Academy.

I’ve long been interested in developing young people to give them purpose and be able to achieve their best; perhaps from recognising the opportunities I missed or didn’t have. In the military I saw many service personnel who had fantastic training and coaching skills and are looking for future chances to develop those skills. It is inspiring to see these opportunities brought together through All Sports Coaching Academy.

Getting involved with All Sports Coaching Academy is a great opportunity to develop young people, and incidentally to improve their future workplace skills.
I really encourage businesses to get involved as part of their Social Value commitment and as a way to attract their future workforce.

Joe Lockley
IAB Member

Joe is a valuable member of our team who serves as our lead training and safeguarding advisor. His extensive knowledge and experience in this area enable him to provide essential guidance and support to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our programmes.

Joe is a dedicated individual who has had a significant impact across Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire communities through his work with Brightstar Boxing.

 Joe has been instrumental in using boxing as a tool to empower and uplift young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has created a safe and supportive environment where young people can learn boxing skills, build self-confidence, and develop important life skills such as discipline, respect, and teamwork.

The impact Joe impact has been felt not just by the young people he works with, but also by the wider community, who have been inspired by his commitment and passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives. We are honoured to have his influence and expertise as part of our team.

Johnny Bradley
IAB Member

Johnny’s dedication to sports and its ability to positively influence the lives of both adults and children aligns with our vision for making a social impact and improving people’s welfare.

As a serving soldier, Johnny possesses unique insights and knowledge about the armed forces community, which is crucial to our programme’s success.

Furthermore, Johnny has a remarkable reputation for helping businesses and organisations build online communities, drive engagement, and increase their following. He has also demonstrated an extraordinary ability to organise events, including large-scale charity events.

Johnny is a committed volunteer with a remarkable record of working with youth clubs and young people, particularly in coaching boxing at the youth club level. His vast experience in working with children and young people and leveraging sports to impact their lives makes for a valuable asset to ACCA.

We have confidently entrusted Johnny with overseeing our social media marketing campaigns, as well as advising us on our networks across the military family.

Neil Prescott
IAB Member

Neil is an exceptional member of our team, making a significant contribution to the successful implementation of our training programs.

Not only does he provide invaluable mentoring services to both trainees and qualified coaches, but he is also a renowned entrepreneur in the world of sports coaching. In 2008, he founded his own Sports Coaching business, which has garnered numerous accolades for its impactful approach.

Prior to his teaching career, Neil led the Shropshire Development Centre for Manchester City Football Club, where he was responsible for coordinating the team’s efforts for several years, all while building his business. Today, he continues to volunteer his extensive knowledge and expertise in coaching to the college football association.

Neil’s wealth of experience and impressive track record speak for themselves, making him an invaluable asset to our team. We are proud to have him on board and are excited to see the positive impact he will continue to make on the future of sports coaching.